Dark Matter Supplement is a post workout supplement that helps to aid in the body’s recovery after an intense workout.

The makers of Dark Matter Supplement, a company called MHP, recommend taking their supplement right after a workout and one hour before any meals during the day.

What does Dark Matter Supplement Do?

What is the goal of Dark Matter? Because it is a post workout supplement it is intended to quickly replace glycogen storage that has been depleted during an intense workout.

Why replacing glycogen storage is so important and how can Dark Matter help?

What is Dark Matter Supplement

After you finish an intense workout the body is depleted of glycogen because it utilizes glycogen to help you give you energy during your workout.

Saying this, your glycogen storage needs to be replaced immediately in order to thwart any catabolic activity that may take place due to low glycogen levels. As a side note, when you’re glycogen levels are low your body will utilize protein (your muscle) in order to make sugar for energy, and for a weightlifter this is something you do not want.

Your muscles also need protein after you workout in order to maintain proper nitrogen balance. Having the proper protein intake after working out can help preserve your muscles by preventing any catabolic activity in your body due to protein breakdown. Dark Matter has been specifically designed to address these issues in a very simple, good tasting easy to drink post workout supplement that is bound to take your gains to a new level.

Try Dark Matter Supplement

You can order Dark Matter Supplement safely and securely online from Amazon.

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