What is Dark Matter Supplement Made Of?

Dark Matter Supplement contain proteins, creatinine, amino acids and fat burners and are good supplements for post work out nutrition.

Dark matter supplement employ a new technology called precision nutrient infusion, which allows micro nutrient timing of new muscle building components to create a powerful anaerobic reaction.

It induces protein synthesis by 600% equivalent to 40 grams of whey isolated.

Dark matter supplements increases replenishment of glycogen levels and increases cell volume in the muscles. Sports nutrition experts and bodybuilders stimulate the muscle growth through nutritional inter-fusion by post-workout nutrition.

Dark matter supplements contains the following ingredients:


Waximax-C3G is a tri-polymer carbohydrate. It contains osmotic waxy-maize starch, dextrose and maltoplex. The carbohydrates present in it allow fast gastric emptying and increases glycogen replenishment.

Tri-polymer gives best insulin response by increasing anabolic rate. Waximax contains patented source of C3G-Cynidin-3glucoside which increases protein synthesis, creatinine intake and improves insulin sensitivity for effective nutrient transport.


Prosynthagen is an essential amino acid that stimulates protein synthesis faster than whey isolation.

The amino acids present in Prosynthagen allow faster transport and increased intake of amino acids by the intestine. As a result anabolic activity increases by regulating protein synthesis giving the person a great muscle building effect. Bio-engineered amino acid enters the muscle tissue faster than whey and increases protein synthesis to trigger muscle building activity.


Hydrosize provides an optimal intake of creatinine in the form of creatinine gluconate and creatinine pyruvate. Microtein present in it provides continuously supply of creatinine for increasing the cell volume and maximum creatinine saturation in the body.

Dark Matter Supplement nano-technology

Dark Matter Supplement uses high velocity nano-technology which increases collision of nano-fusible compatible materials.

High velocity nano technology allows micro nutrient timing and bio-effectiveness which increases anabolic activity.

Anabolic activity increases synthetic delivery of Prosynthagen, Waximax and Hydrosize to meet the peak anabolic requirement of the body.

Dark Matter Supplement is one of the good post work out formula that increases cell volume with muscle feeding technology.
Muscle and body builders stimulate their muscle growth with Dark Matter Supplement.

Buying Dark Matter Supplement

Unfortunately there are fake supplement products being sold online. You can buy Dark Matter Supplement securely online from Amazon where you know the product will be genuine.

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Dark Matter Supplement


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