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Dark Matter Supplement utilizes a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to proteins.

This ratio will help to spike insulin which in turn increases the amount of nutrients that a muscle cell can intake without any spillover into the fact gain. To add to this, consumption of the supplement can also help increase the rate of your recovery.

Dark Matter primary carbohydrate source is Waxy Maize

Dark Matter uses Waxy Maize as its primary carbohydrate source.

Waxy Maize has been found to leave the stomach at a faster rate than that of dextrose which means that from the time that you drink this post workout supplement to time at your body is able to utilize it as a recovery tool is far faster than supplements using dextrose and other sugars as their ingredients.

Importance of Creatine

Dark Matter Supplement also contains creatine which is also recommended to take after your workout rather than before. Why is this? In order to get anything into a muscle cell you’re going to need insulin and since the supplement helps to spike your insulin level up to 600%, then taking creatine along with this protein and carbohydrate mixture is also a good idea and is also the reason why the developers of Dark Matter have included it.

We recommend using Dark Matter as a part of your post workout arsenal.

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Dark Matter Supplement

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