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Announcement: Does Dark Matter Supplement Work?

What Makes Dark Matter Supplement Work?

Does Dark Matter Supplement WorkDark Matter Supplement’s base ingredient is osmotic waxy maize starch which is the best form of dextrose based carbohydrate.  It also has a much faster creatine absorption rate than whey based post workout drinks.

Insulin, Creatine uptake and Glycogen replenishment

Dark Matter increases insulin and provides the best creatine uptake and glycogen replenishment. Thanks to Dark Matter’s unique proprietary ingredients you will experience protein synthesis that is 40 times faster than that delivered by any whey based product.


Dark Matter contains ProSYNTHAGEN, a combination of free form amino acids that helps your body synthesize protein quickly because it is highly digestible.

Unlike many post workout drinks, Dark Matter won’t cause stomach troubles or bloating. For best results, it is important to take Dark Matter on an empty stomach. You can drink water during your workout, and it’s OK to have a pre-workout whey shake, but it must be a couple of hours before you drink Dark Matter. That way, Dark Matter can get right to work rebuilding and replenishing your muscles. Of course, don’t starve yourself before lifting, but just be careful not to eat for two hours before having your Dark Matter Shake.

Begin Post-Workout Recovery Immediately!

The best time to encourage muscle growth is immediately after working out because ample nourishment delivered to your bloodstream while your muscles are still pumped helps them start recovering and growing right away. Drinking a Dark Matter shake after every work out will help your muscles recover and gain impressive size and strength. Thanks to newly created compounds and technologies, Dark Matter sparks synergistic reactions between insulin, amino acids, creatine and glycogen that help your muscles recover fast and grow rapidly.

Reduce post-workout stiffness and soreness

Using Dark Matter also helps decrease after-work-out stiffness and soreness.

Dark Matter Supplement Results

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The results that many body builders report include quick muscle growth, rapid recovery and the ability to return to an intense workout after only 24 hours rest. In fact, many weight lifters say that, if they drink Dark Matter immediately after lifting, during their cool-down time, then take a shower, they feel completely recovered and rested.

Dark Matter is very cost effective

Serious bodybuilders will do well to invest in Dark Matter. It takes the place of multiple products, so it is very cost effective. It makes total supplementation easy and quick, and the makers claim that it delivers better results than any product on the market.

Many weight lifters report becoming weary of trying to balance their post workout supplement with all of the extra supplements they need to add, but with Dark Matter, you only have to remember your delicious, after-workout shake.

Dark Matter delivers the perfect balance of amino acids, creatine, proteins and carbohydrates at approximately $35 for 2.6 lbs online. Right now this is actually available from Amazon.

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Dark Matter is quick and easy

Enjoying Dark Matter is very quick and easy. Just blend two scoops of powder with twenty ounces of pure water for a delicious, thick post workout shake in one of three flavors.

Dark Matter Flavors

Dark Matter comes in in one of three Flavors

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Fruit Punch
  • Grape

Dark Matter Calories

Each serving of shake contains only 240 calories, 46g of carbohydrates and no fat!

Some weight lifters say that Dark Matter has a thick texture. Most users, however, become accustomed to it quickly especiaslly when they begin to see and feel the amazing results right away. Dark Matter users learn to love the texture as well as the three delicious flavors!

Dark Matter Supplement Does Work

From all the research that I’ve done and all the reviews that I’ve read Dark Matter Supplement really does seem to work.

Dark Matter Supplement Trial Kit

If you want to give Dark Matter Supplement a try Amazon have a Dark Matter Trial Kit that consists of Dark Rage pre workout supplement and Dark Matter for post-workout – a great combination.

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Dark Matter Supplement

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What is Dark Matter Supplement?

Dark Matter Supplement is a post workout supplement that helps to aid in the body’s recovery after an intense workout.

The makers of Dark Matter Supplement, a company called MHP, recommend taking their supplement right after a workout and one hour before any meals during the day.

What does Dark Matter Supplement Do?

What is the goal of Dark Matter? Because it is a post workout supplement it is intended to quickly replace glycogen storage that has been depleted during an intense workout.

Why replacing glycogen storage is so important and how can Dark Matter help?

What is Dark Matter Supplement

After you finish an intense workout the body is depleted of glycogen because it utilizes glycogen to help you give you energy during your workout.

Saying this, your glycogen storage needs to be replaced immediately in order to thwart any catabolic activity that may take place due to low glycogen levels. As a side note, when you’re glycogen levels are low your body will utilize protein (your muscle) in order to make sugar for energy, and for a weightlifter this is something you do not want.

Your muscles also need protein after you workout in order to maintain proper nitrogen balance. Having the proper protein intake after working out can help preserve your muscles by preventing any catabolic activity in your body due to protein breakdown. Dark Matter has been specifically designed to address these issues in a very simple, good tasting easy to drink post workout supplement that is bound to take your gains to a new level.

Try Dark Matter Supplement

You can order Dark Matter Supplement safely and securely online from Amazon.

>>> Order Dark Matter from Amazon CLICK HERE<<<

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